Hyacinth Macaw parrots

Hyacinth Macaw parrots

Hyacinth Macaw parrots

Hyacinth Macaw parrots are very smart and curious birds, and are also lively and playful. Being too intelligent and very social, they require a lot of attention and toys to keep them busy.

Pet Macaws adapt well to custody, adjusting easily to their cage and their new home. A young macaw will disciplined quickly and bond to its keepers.

Hyacinth Macaw are for Sale, the large Hyacinth Macaw is a great beauty. Visually it seems to be the largest parrot in the world. But that is not true.

The body of the Hyacinth reaches about 37″ (95 cm) in length and it has an magnificent  wingspan up to about 42″ across, which is the most wide ranging parrot in the world. But the Hyacinth is not all that bulky, it’s weight is only up to about 3.7 lb (1.7 kg).

This bird only grows to 24″ (61 cm) in length, but the weight of a mature bird may be up to 9 pounds (4 kg)!

This pet Macaw bird may possibly pick out one person as a special one, but Hyacinth Macaws are much inclined to being a part of the whole family and are good with children. At a young age, these Macaws are quite eager to meet and play with new humans.

The Hyacinth is pretty much an all blue large Macaw. The rich blue of its colour is what influenced its name. It is a calm Macaw and known as an excellent pet.

Hyacinth Macaws have a very low temperament. They are extremely gentle, sweet, and are not making a great deal of noise. They are playful  and affectionate, and become attached to their human families.

The Hyacinth is so intelligent and is playing jokes. Jokes as jumping on you or your company’s head from a distance. With its huge size, this is pretty funny. Another  joke is laying on its back with its feet straight up playing dead.

Hyacinth Macaw will suddenly stare down at you from the ceiling fan or break their cage. They don’t destroy the cage but are eager to just take the lock off. They are quite entertaining. Hyacinth Macaws do speak even their ability for this is limited.

Hyacinth Macaws are the Pandas of the parrots. Their great beauty with a everlasting smile, sweet fun-loving nature and rarity make them one of the most desirable in all birds.

It is no wonder that aviculturists are making great efforts to breed these glorious birds. However, breeding Hyacinths and raising their chicks to make free is not an easy task.

Hyacinth Macaws are one of the most difficult birds to breed. The high failure rate to reproduce Hyacinths in the United States is clear by the number of proven pairs for sale.

Social Behaviours of Hyacinth Macaw

The Hyacinth Macaws require contact with their human family. They bond very strongly and desire both playful attention  and affection. In the wild these parrots live in pairs within a small flock. As a pet in your home, you are the other half of the pair and the small flock.

If you would like a companion that has the low temperament and ability similar to that of a three year child, than this could be the parrot for you. They are not child, as they have the natural parrot behaviours to survive in nature. But like a three year old child, a Hyacinth takes a great time.

Handling and Training of Hyacinth Macaw

 The Hyacinth Macaw parrot is fond for attention and play and because of its gentle and even behavior, it is easier than most parrots to handle and train. They are eager to please and be with you. Usually, they like to learn new things and respond well to additional training. They can take a few running steps and repeat this game. They are normally on their backs ready for play and a belly rub.

With all parrots, training takes trust and patience. Macaws are very intelligent for making them easy to tame. These parrots are also very keen at learning and ready to train. They are quick at learning tricks and small tasks. They are not as inclined to talk and mimic as some of the other parrots,  but they can learn a few words.

Care and feeding Hyacinth Macaws

The Hyacinth macaws has special feeding requirements. They require a much high fat diet than any other Macaws. Macadamia nuts are used as a main diet for this Macaw as well as other nuts. Coconut is also desirable.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are also a part of their diet in small part compared with other parrots. Pellet diets are not be good for the Hyacinth as the high protein can cause kidney problem. Many breeders no longer give pellets to Hyacinths. In the wild they feed primarily on nuts and seeds. They eat a small amount of meat.

Food and water should be available to them at all times and this foods should removed from the cage after 4 hours.

Buy Hyacinths for breeding purpose

Buying breeding birds is the first step for successful results. Hyacinths are very expensive birds so I am surprised that many people are so casual when they purchase them. Large amount money are sent to strangers to buy a bird. The new Hyacinth may be a nice healthy bird.

When birds are purchased in this manner, it is a gamble. If the bird was being shipped from long distances it may be impossible to receive compensation for a sick bird or dead bird. I can’t imagine anyone making any other kind of expensive purchase with such a carefree attitude. 

Buying in Pairs

It is virtually impossible to establish that a pair of birds is proven, if such claims are made. Always ask to speak to the seller’s veterinarian(doctor). If the seller has nothing to hide he will permit his veterinarian to speak to anyone who is interested in purchasing birds.

There should be a written contract for conditions of the sale. The contract may include a method that may allow the buyer to return the birds with full refund if the birds that are purchased are of the same sex.

Some people may be selling young birds that grow up together. They believe that birds that grow up together will develop a strong bond and quickly produce babies. Sometimes when chicks grow up together they believe that they are siblings and will not want to intimate with each other.

Buying of single birds

The same care should be given when buying a single bird as when buying a pair. It is better to acquire single birds that have been in the company of other Hyacinth Macaws if they are commence bred. It will be important that the birds realizes that they are not human being. Many pet Hyacinths may become good breeding birds. 

The age of Hyacinth Macaws breed?

Birds should be their full size and mature before they are bred. Hyacinth Macaws are almost full size at the time they are two and half years old. However, if their weight is regularly being seen then it will be observed that the females grows untill they are about four years old and the males till they are six years old.

Female Hyacinths can be willing to breed when they are as young as three years old. Yet, these young birds are emotionally mature and they will not be good mothers. It is possible for a three year old male to reproduce. However, it has been seen by surgical sexing that some males are still sexually immature at the age of  seven years.

How to set up birds for breeding

By Pairing Hyacinth Macaws

Hyacinths are not difficult to pair successfully as some of the other species. Overall they are friendly towards other birds, however some Hyacinths may be choosier about their mates than others. A method that Jean Pattison uses with her African species may work well with any psittacine bird.

The females are all come together in a large flight. Smaller flights having single male birds are preferred against the large flight. Each female has a different colour ink applied to her body, so that she will be easy to identify from a distance.

The birds are very carefully watched to observe if any female prefers to spend her time with a particular male and whether this interest is mutual. The females are kept together rather than the males to reduce aggression. However this is a wonderful method, it is not always feasible with rare or expensive birds such as Hyacinth Macaws. Aviculturists may find it difficult to obtain enough birds to utilize this method.

When any new birds are brought into an aviary they should be kept separate for three months and retested for health risks before they are set up for breeding. The major change in the environment may bring out health problems. Many female Hyacinths will not eat when transferred from one place to a new home, even if they are with their mates.


The diet of a Hyacinth Macaw is not similar the diet of most other parrots. This is the place where aviculturists often go wrong with them. It has been well known publically that Hyacinths need more fat in their diet and this can be given to the birds in many forms.

Macadamia nuts are the best food for them. Here in the United States it is difficult to obtain macadamia nuts. However, many persons in Europe seem to have some trouble finding them.

Macadamia nut oil is normally being sold in gourmet food stores and is an acceptable substitute, if it is cold pressed. The oil may be poured over food or soaked into bread and then given to the birds.

Brazil nuts are also a liked. However, they are normally filled with fungus and smell, so should be feed in small quantities and carefully inspect each nut after cutting it open with a macadamia nut cracker. Only then it should be given them to eat.

Walnuts having omega 3 fatty acids are also a very nutritious nut. Unfortunately, as with the Brazil nuts, I find many that are bad. So, they are also given in small numbers and inspected in the same manner as the Brazil nuts. Filberts are having high calcium, which is a mineral that Hyacinths need in much quantities than most other parrots.

Almonds are also having high calcium than filberts, but they include oxalic acid, which binds calcium and so decreases its absorption. Pistachios are high in vitamin as compared to other nuts. It should be given to birds several times a day.

Coconuts are also beneficial high fat food. Coconuts are a season food, however they may be available whole year. When shopping for coconuts out of season it is found that many of them are spoiled. A substitute is canned coconut milk, which may be poured or mixed into fruits and vegetables to encourage eaters to consume a healthy diet. Coconut milk may be frozen after the can is opened, which is important since it will spoil quickly.


Hyacinths are not easy birds to breed and that is only the beginning of the trials. Incubating the eggs and raising the chicks is a heart wrenching, stressful and a alarming challenge. However, It may be think of nothing more rewarding than successfully raising a Hyacinth chick that is a fine example of the species.

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