Indian Ringneck for sale


Indian Ringneck for sale .The Military Macaw is an all-green

parrot, with the exception of the red feathers above its beak and

the blue flight feathers of its wings. They are often overlooked

because they do not have as many colors as the other Macaws.

Like all Macaws, they are large parrots. They have the bare

white flesh on the face – a distinguishing feature of Macaws, which really sets off their dark beak.

Average Lifespan: 40 – 60 years

Sexing: Sexing these birds requires a DNA test, as they are

not sexually dimorphic and you cannot tell the sex just by looking at them.

Origin: Mexico, Colombia, North-western Venezuela,

South-Eastern Ecuador, and Northern Peru

Trainability: The military macaw is the least expensive

of the large macaws to acquire. Like most Macaws, the Military

Macaw can get nippy and thus requires more attention and

training to maintain a pleasant nature. They enjoy toys,

especially wood items that they can chew. They are quite

capable talkers and can be easily trained, including being

potty trained. They will often develop a vocabulary of 50 words or more and can be quite noisy at times.

Loudness: The Military Macaw can be a bit more vocal than

other Macaws. They would do best in a family home with

access to the outdoors from time to time.

Pricing: Military Macaws are moderately priced, and are

typically cheaper than the other large Macaws.

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