Jenday conure

The Jenday conure is one of the most common medium-sized conures, It is a small member of the parrot family, and is very colorful. The head and upper breast are a golden yellow that blends into a reddish gold on the lower abdomen. Sometimes they will have an olive yellow breast. The wings, upper tail, and upper back are green moving into an orangish red on the lower back. The underside of the tail is black and the under side of the wings are an orangish red. The tip of the tail and the outer wing feathers are blue. The beak and the feet are black. A mature Jenday Conure reaches its full coloration at about two years of age. A younger bird will have duller coloration; a paler yellow head and neck with some greens, and a paler red on the breast.Adult Jenday Conures typically grow to length of about 12 inches from the beak to the ends of the tail feathers. These friendly little birds make good pets for owners able to spend time socializing with them. And since they live more than 30 years, Jenday Conures are suitable for families with children.


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