The Mealy Amazon farinosa, is known by a variety of other names including Mealy Parrot, Blue-crowned Mealy Amazon, and Guatemalan Amazon. Mealy Amazons are one of the largest amazons, reaching up to about 15 – 16 inches (38 – 41 cm). This is quite a contrast to the White-fronted Amazon Amazona albifrons, which is only about 10 inches (26 cm) long.

Mealy Amazon Parrots

The beauty of the Mealy Amazon Parrots is more subtle than that of other Amazon birds. It gets the name ‘mealy’ from the peculiar gray-green coloring of its feathers making it appear to be dusted, like it has been powdered with a light sprinkling of flour.

The feathers on the nape are edged in a dusky blue and tipped in black, giving a ruffled appearance to the back of the neck. The tail and some wing feathers are tipped in blue and may have some reds, and there may be a few yellow feathers in the crown.

Some have a distinctly violet crown and are referred to as a Blue-crowned Mealy Amazon. Its eyes are unusual, being large and surrounded by a wide unfeathered white ring, which is something more often seen on conures than Amazons.

Though not the most colorful or playful, the Mealy Amazon has a number of desirable qualities that sets it apart from other amazons. This hefty fellow, known as the “non-nippy amazon”, is definitely one of the more lovable amazons. Big and big in heart, this parrot is non-territorial and has room for all in the family. They will just slowly walk around the home until they find someone who is being still, and then sit at their feet and wait to be picked up. Then they will be content to just sit on a shoulder while you walk around, or just sit and be still.

Like most amazons the Mealy Amazon is very social, enjoying the companionship of people as well as other amazons. They make a wonderful calm companion and will quickly form a strong bond with their owner. The Mealy Parrot makes a most delightful pet. It is easy to tame and considered one of the best talkers. They are especially noted for having a very gentle disposition and are mostly quiet and harmonious. They are also quite hardy and robust. They can do well indoors or out, in a cage or an aviary.

The Mealy Amazon is green from head to tail. The green is darker on top and paler underneath. The feathers on the back of the neck and upper back being edged in a gray-blue, giving this bird a dusted appearance, and then tipped in black providing a ruffled looking nape. Sometimes there are a few yellow feathers in the crown and some birds will have a distinctly violet crown. The wings are green moving to a violet-blue on the tips and there is a red speculum.

The tail is green with a yellowish tip, it is edged with blue, and sometimes there are reds in the feathers. The eye is red and very large, surrounded by a large unfeathered white ring (this is more often seen on conures). The beak is a yellowish-horn color becoming gray at the tip and the legs are a pale gray.

Juveniles are similar to the adults but their eyes are dark brown. These Amazons become sexually mature at about the 4 – 5 year range. They are one of lathe largest of all the amazons, reaching about 15 – 16 inches (38 – 41 cm) long from the top of the head to the tip of the tail. Their average lifespan is about is 60 – 80 years.


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